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Still On the Right Track

So, I went for my followup appointment with my doctor this past Wednesday.  She said I have healed nicely and she suggested that I wait a couple of months before trying again.  Just to be sure my lining has had a chance to build up again.  The next day, Thursday, I got my period!  Exactly 28 days after I had the d&c.  Great news!  I was so worried that my body would be out of whack after my miscarriage, and all the progress I had made might be lost.  This period is a lot heavier and my cramps are much worse, but I am so thrilled that I’m still on track.  Frank went in for his sperm test on Friday, so hopefully we get the results next week.  I just pray that his little swimmers are healthy and strong…

We’re going to sit this month out and just relax….next month we will be at it again!  Next month I will start on the Clomid.  I’m feeling optimistic.  I’m going to take this month to eat as healthy as possible and exercise as much as I can.  I want my body to be ready.