Our Story

October, 2009: I stop taking birth control to give my body a “breather” before we started trying for a little bambino.  A month went by with no period…then another…and another.  Thinking that my body just needed time to get back on track, I thought little of it.  I know, I know, I should have gone to the doctor right away.  But we were in no hurry to get pregnant (and I was avoiding the potential bad news like the plague).

August, 2010: Yes, quite a jump.  I finally convinced myself that something is off, and I made an appointment to see my gynecologist.  After a quick exam and chat, she told me she needed to refer me to a Fertility Specialist on staff, Michelle.  FERTILITY SPECIALIST??  Whaaaa???  I’m 25 years old!  How can this be??  After crying the whole way home, I told my husband the news.  The shock didn’t wear off until months later, but I promptly made an appointment to meet with Michelle.  After many blood tests, I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).  It prevents my body from ovulating on its own.  Luckily, Michelle explained to me that it was a mild case, and with the proper monitoring and medicine, we had an excellent chance of conceiving.

September, 2010: I was put on Metformin in early September to regulate my cycle.  I was very worried that it wouldn’t be enough, since I had read online that most women start with Metformin as well as Clomid, but I decided to trust Michelle and do everything she asked.

October, 2010: I got a period on my own for the first time in a year!!  This Metformin really did the trick!  I was going in every week for either blood tests or ultrasounds to track my follicle growth.  On my birthday, we got the go-ahead to try and make a baby!!  My follicles were ready, the eggs were there, it was time to get down to business.

November, 2010: Tw0 weeks after we “tried”, I had a doctor’s appointment.  I peed on a stick, even though I knew it was too early to know if it had worked or not.  Welp, BFP!!  Michelle was shocked that my body had responded so quickly, and Frank and I were stunned.  That’s it??  We did it already??  So this isn’t going to be the long road we anticipated??  Four days later, we got a call from the nurse.  It had been a chemical pregnancy, never really formed into anything…in other words, not pregnant after all.  The sadness overcame us like a tidal wave.  One second we were thinking of how to tell our parents, the next we were back where we started.  We both decided to look on the bright side, at least we got pregnant, it would surely happen again…little did we know how soon…

December, 2010: We tried again, and this time, I didn’t have any of the symptoms I had the first go around (mainly breast tenderness).  I was sure it hadn’t worked this time, so I went to the doctor’s office by myself at the end of my cycle.  When Michelle walked in and told me I was pregnant, I literally didn’t believe here.  I sprang up, grabbed the test, and just started crying.  I immediately texted Frank the picture of the test and said “Merry early Christmas”.  Needless to say, we couldn’t believe our luck.  The next few weeks were a dream come true…telling our parents, our siblings…letting them know it is still very early, but we wanted to share the happiness with them.  We start talking about changing the guest bedroom into a nursery, and telling our beloved dog, Gizmo, that he is getting a best friend at the end of August.

January, 2011: We go in for our 7.5 week ultrasound to hear the baby’s heartbeat.  We are both excited and nervous…but we have no reason to suspect that something is wrong, so we stay positive.  We found out that the baby’s heartbeat was slow, 86bmp.  According to my doctor, they like to see it above 100, even in the 90s isn’s terrible…but with 86, we will have to see what happens in a week.  Basically, it could go either way.  We were devastated…I always thought that if you saw the little potato and heard the heartbeat, everything was good.  But I was wrong.  One week passed, and we found ourselves back at the doctor’s office.  I tried to stay positive, but I had a feeling something wasn’t right.  The baby’s heart had stopped beating, and he/she hadn’t grown since last week.  My OB, Dr. K, came in to talk to us about the d & c she wanted me to schedule.  We were so sad…a miscarriage??  I thought our problem would be GETTING pregnant, not STAYING pregnant.  The doctor explained that this happens all the time, and it doesn’t mean that it will happen again.  She recommends the d & c so that she can clean out my uterus and make sure I don’t get any infections.  It seems like the most logical choice for us, so we agree to the surgery later in the week.



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